Please be aware that this schedule can change and that any group could have class at 19 on Friday.

Frequently asked questions

Here you are some questions that you might be having.

Is it needed to register with a couple?
For the Lindy Track, if you register with a partner, your spot will be secured. We offer a solo track this year for which to partner is needed. If you still want to do the Lindy Track and don't have a partner, you can register and you'll be added to the waiting list. As soon as we have a person registered with your opposite role, we'll confirm your spot.
What is the warm-up audition?
It's not a classic audition. We will ask the teachers to split attendands into 2 groups and in some cases we might ask some students to go to a higher level to try to have a more balanced number of people in the classes.
What happens if I cannot attend the festival after bought the pass?
Unfortunately we don't refund the money after the purchase has been made. You can always sell your pass to another person of the same level and role.
How do I know which Level should I register to?
Please read the description of the levels on the levels page of this website. If you still have doubts, we strongly recommend you to talk to people you know who attended last year and know the level of Move Your Bottom classes. This year there won't be an audition.
I haven't received a confirmation after registering.
The confirmation email that is sent after registration is automatic. This means that if you haven't received it could be because of 2 reasons: a) It has gone straight to your spam box, or b) You signed up with the wrong email address. Please send an email to and we'll help you with it.

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